10&11日目 B6-9-4

単語 英英訳 和訳
incident an event ,especially one that is unusual, important, or violent 事件、できこと
malfunction a fault in the way a machine or part of someones' body works 機能不良・故障
identification official papers or cards, such as your passport, that prove who you are 同一である、本人確認、
aftermath the period or time after something such as awar, storm, or accident when people are still dealing with the results 余波、後遺症、影響
witness someone who sees a crime or an accident and can describe what happened 証言する、目の当たりにする、直面する
thrice three times 三度に、三重に
isolate to separate one person, group, or thing from other people or things 分離する、区分けする
inconveniences problems caused by something which annoy or affect you 不便、不都合
unresponsive not reacting to something or not affected by it 反応しない、無反応な
violation an action that breaks a law, agreement, principle etc 違反、妨害、違反行為
liquor a strong alcoholic drink such as whisky 蒸留酒
quarrelsome someone who is quarrelsome quarrels a lot with people 短気な、公論好きな
confrontation a situation in which there is a lot of angry disagreement bitween two people or groups 対立、向き合うこと
sanction official premission, approval, or acceptance 制裁、認可




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9日目 6-9-3

単語 英英訳 和訳
dissatisfaction a feeling of not being satisfied 不満、不平
contribute to give money, help, ideas etc to something that a lot of other people are also involved in 貢献する、寄与する
turnover the rate at which people leave an organization and are replaced by others 離職率 急転
implement to take action or make change that you have officially decided should happen 実行する、実行に移す
incentive something that encourages you to work,start a new activity 刺激、動機、駆り立てるもの
consequence something that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions 結果、結論 重大さ
description a piece of writing or speech that gives details about what someone or something is like 記述すること 描写、説明、表現
struggle to try extremely hard to achieve something even though it is very defficult 奮闘する、力を振り絞る
utility a service such as gas or electricity provided for people to use 役に立つもの、電気・ガス・水道
transportation a system or method for carrying passengers or goods from one place to another 輸送、運搬、運賃
beyond on or to the further side of something の向こうに、を超えて
accessory something such as a piece of equipment or a decoration that is not necessary, but that makes a machinem car, room etc more useful or more attractive アクセサリー、装飾品
compensate to replace or balance the effect of something bad 補償する、埋め合わせする
monetary relating to money, especially all the money in a particular country 通貨の、金銭上の
demotivate to make people less willing to do their job やる気をなくさせる
survey an examination of an area of land in order to make a map of it 調査する、見渡す
ensure to make certain that something will happen properly 確かにする、保証する
enthusiasm a strong feeling of interest and enjoyment about something and eagerness tobe involved in it 熱中、熱狂
improvement the act of improving something, or the state of being improved 改良、改善
consult to ask for information or advice from someone because it is their job to know something 調べる、訪ねる、意見を聞く、指導を求める
reveal to make known something that previously secret or unknown 明らかにする、公開する
resignation an occasion when you officially announce that you have decide to leave your job or an organization, or written statement that says you will be leaving 辞職、退職



こんな時間まで愚痴を聞きながらのまとめ しんどいなー


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8日目 B6-9-2 続き

単語 英英訳 和訳
consecutive consecutive numbers or periods of time follow one after the other without any interruptions 連続した、連続的な
immediately without delay, very soon before or after something すぐに、早急に
notify to fomally or officially tell someone about something 通知する、告知する
redelegate - 再委任する
duty something that you have to do because it is morally or legally right 義務、務め
consistently - 一致して、矛盾なく、一貫性して、着実に
punctual arriving, happening, or being done at exactly the time that has been arranged 時間を守る、時間通りの
compensate (for) to replace or balance the effect of something bad ~を償う、~を相殺する。
submission when you give or show something to someone in authority, fo them to consider or approve 提案、提出
errand a short journey in order to do something for someone,for example delivering or collecting something for them 用事




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7日目 B6-9-2

単語 英英訳 和訳
hesitation when someone hesitates ためらい、躊躇
slack off hanging loosely, or not pulled tight 怠ける、サボる、ダラダラする
deconstruct - 分解する、解剖する
criticism remarks that say what you think is bad about someone or something 批判、批評、評論
clarify to make something clearer or easier to understand 明確にする、はっきりさせる
address if you address a problem, you start trying to solve it 対処する、取り組む
attendance the number of people who attend a game,concert,meeting etc 出席、出席者、出勤
assessment a process in which you make a judgment you make 評価、判断
quota an amount of something that someone is expected to do or achieve





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6日目 B6-9-1 続き

単語 英英訳 和訳
unfair not right or fair, especially because not everyone has an equal opportunity 不公平な、不正な
compensation meney paid to someone bacause they have suffered injury or loss, or becaouse something they own has been damaged, 償い、補償すること、埋め合わせ
unacceptable something that is unacceptable is so wrong or bad that you think it should not be allowed 受け入れられない、容認できない
render to give something to someone or do something, because it is your duty or because someone expects you to 与える、提供する、提出する
faulty not working properly, or not mde correctly 欠陥のある、不完全な
accountant someone whose job is to keep and check financial accounts,calculate taxes etc 会計士
calculation when you use numbers in order to find out an amount,price,or value 計算、勘定
hang - ハングアップする(PC上のフリーズみたいなイメージ)
malfunctions a fault in the way a machin or part of someone's body works 機能不良、故障
admin the activities that are involved in managing the work of a company or organization 管理部門
demotivate to make people less willing to do their job やる気をなくさせる
suppose used to say you think something is true,although you are uncertain about it 仮定する、想像する、想定する






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5日目 B-6-9-1

単語 英英訳 和訳
complaint a statement in which someone complains about something 不平、不満
relay to pass a message from one person or place to another 中継する
run out to use all of something and not have any more left 使い果たす、使い尽くす、限界を超える
patience the ability to continue waiting or doing something for a long time without becoming angry or anxious 忍耐、我慢
turn around if a business,department etc that is not successful turns around, or if someone turns it around, it starts to be successful 回転する、好転する、よくなる
distress a feeling of extreme unhappiness 極度の不安、苦悩、機能不全
suggest to tell someone your ideas about what they should do ,where they should go etc 提案する
proposal a plan or suggestion which is made fomally to an official person or group, or tha act of making it 提案書、提案
elaborate to give more details or new information about something 詳しく述べる
frank honest and truthful 率直な、偽りのない、正直な
take a toll a very bad effect that something has on something or someone over a long period of time 大きな被害を与える
scope the range of things that a subject,activity,book etc deals with 範囲、領域
secretarial relating to the work of a secretary 秘書の
delegate someone who has been elected or chosen to speak vote, or take decisions for a group 代表にたてる、委任する






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1)「alt+Shift+=」 これはSUM関数のショートカットキーです。

2)「alt+Tab」 これはPCで開いている画面を切り替える際に便利です。





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